What is ROCKTON Slabs?

ROCKTON slab is our new product line this year, different from quartz, ROCKTON Slabs are a new technology of engineered slabs people also called these Sintered Stone.

[ROCKTON Interior]

What is Sintered Stone?

Sintered Stone is a new technology of jumbo size engineered slabs, compare to quartz and porcelain slabs it requires extremely high pressure (over 15000 T) and temperature (over 1200℃) when the slabs are made. These high standards from the manufacturer for Sintered Stone make this new product available for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Sintered Stone required a high definition image for 3D printing to finish the slab surfaces. The wide selection of polished, honed, and matte finishes combine with different design surfaces of Sintered Stone is another reason why it has become popular between designers and builders.

[ROCKTON Exterior]

Rockton Slabs

ROCKTON slabs are made of green materials; all raw materials are from nature. We use quartz and natural stone to build up this new product, and it’s totally recyclable.

The standard for ROCKTON Slabs is higher than all-porcelain slabs in the market, stain-, scratch-, and heat-resistant. This makes it stronger than natural stone; Rockton is one of the newest surface materials for new build and renovation.

[Technical Report for Rockton and Porcelain slabs]


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