How much is a meter of ordinary quartz stone countertops is a reasonable price

Quartz stone among the stones used in interior decoration has become the first choice for countertops in my country after nearly two decades of development. Quartz stone itself is an upgraded product of artificial stone plates. Because of its many advantages such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, and anti-permeability, the main raw material quartz in the plate is as high as 90%, so it is independently become quartz by the quartz stone manufacturer. stone.

At present, quartz stone slabs have become the preferred surface material for cabinet countertops, but it has also caused confusion in the quartz stone sales market, and the quality of quartz stone varies from high to low. For example, many people started to use quartz stone countertops well when they were decorating, but after using it for two years, the color bleeds! It can’t be cleaned even if it is wiped. If it doesn’t, it is a fake stone.



Quartz stone plates have very stable physical and chemical properties, various colors, and the gloss of ceramics. It contains two elements: quartz and resin. Generally, the quality of quartz stone is related to the content of resin. The lower the resin content, the better the quality of quartz stone. The price of quartz stone also varies from single color, multi-color, pure color, and pattern level. The ordinary single-color plate is also currently the most used. But at present, the price of finished monochromatic quartz stone countertops ranges from 200 yuan to 700 yuan per linear meter. So which price is reasonable?

Let me calculate the price of the countertop with me. The price of quartz stone countertop includes: quartz stone plate, countertop design, cutting, combination, front and rear water-retaining bonding (rear water-retaining circular low arc and front water-stopping are charged separately), opening Hole (pot hole and furnace hole), potting, mat or liner, installation cost, etc. Let’s come to a more straightforward algorithm. The common small boards (monochrome) 2440x750x15mm are mainly on the market. The average price is about 400 yuan per sheet. Taking into account the yield rate, the price per meter is about 180 yuan; the processing and installation labor per meter is The cost is about 120 yuan per meter (not including the rear circular low arc, front water stop and under-counter basin); the cushion strip is about 20 yuan per meter; plus the loss, glue, auxiliary materials, transportation, storage and processing Equipment depreciation, etc.; in this way, we can intuitively calculate the price per linear meter of quartz stone countertops. So when you are happy to buy low-priced countertops, you should consider whether you are buying real quartz stone.


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